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This Plan of the Day, dated 7 August 1942, was issued the day of the First Marine Division Landings on Guadalcanal and Tulagi, in the Solomon Islands.

Document courtesy of Linda Martin.


General Directive: Condition Watches; General Quarters; Aerial Offensive Operations; Carry out Air Department Plan of the Day.

Routine except:
0320Call Air Department and Squadrons.
0340Early breakfast for Air Department and Squadrons.
0400Call all Hands.
0405Early breakfast for Watch 1.
0410Early breakfast for Air Department and Squadron Officers. (100)
0415Early breakfast for Watch 1 Officers.
0430Air plot personnel, ready room talkers, and elevator operators man stations. (This word will not be passed over the general announcing system).
0440Flight Quarters.
0500Set Condition of Readiness II, Watch 1.
0505Breakfast for Watch 2.
0515Breakfast for Watch 2 Officers.
0520Blow tubes.
0535Commence offensive aerial operations.
Flight quarters will be conducted, as directed, during the day.
0600General Quarters
1100Commence serving sandwiches and beverages to all stations in accordance with Battle Ration Bill, dated 29 July 1942
1918(about) Set Condition of Readiness II, Watch 1.
1920Early supper for Watch 2.
Early dinner for Watch 2 Officers.
Blow tubes.
2015Set Condition of Readiness II, Watch 2.
2020Supper for Watch 1.
Dinner for Watch 1 Officers.
- - - - - - - -



The following information is issued by the Medical Department concerning the handling of casualties during general quarters.

Dispersed throughout the ship there are seven battle dressing stations located as follows: BDS-1 after end of the island structure on the O2 deck; BDS auxiliary 1 in the Admiral's and Captain's country; BDS-2 on the 3rd deck in the forward messing compartment; BDS auxiliary 2 on the 3rd deck on the port side in the officers' country; BDS-3 at Sick Bay; BDS-4 in the post office compartment; BDS-5 on the O2 deck between the forward 5-inch gun galleries.

In addition to these dressing stations, there is a hospital corpsman with emergency kit assigned to each repair party, hangar deck, after gun mounts, and bridge.

It is the function of each battle dressing station to care for the casualties in its own vicinity. Casualties, after being treated, will be kept in the same vicinity and are not to be moved to the Sick Bay until the action is over. During action, the sick bay is merely another dressing station and will handle only casualties in its vicinity. This is done to prevent breaking the watertight integrity and overcrowding the Sick Bay.

As soon as the action is over, medical officers will make a survey of injured to determine which cases should be moved to the Sick Bay.

Experience has shown that it is not advisable to gather all of the injured in one place during an action. Therefore, don't phone the Sick Bay to send for an injured man unless he is in the area covered by the Sick Bay ( Battle Dressing Station 3 ). Instead, notify the nearest battle dressing station which will handle the casualty, sending stretcher bearers if necessary.

- - - - - - - -

It has been noted that some knife edges on hatches are dirty and in need of cleaning. Dirty knife edges will cause deterioration of the gaskets which, if not renewed, will become non-watertight and allow leaking. All division officers are directed to have the knife edges of doors and hatches cleaned in the parts of the ship for which responsible. Use bright work polish with a rag. Do not use abrasives, such as emery or crocus cloth.

- - - - - - - -

To-day's theme song for the Japs at Tulagi: "THERE'LL BE SOME CHANGES MADE". The changing will be made by the United States Marines, aided and abetted by the ENTERPRISE, SARATOGA, and WASP Air Groups, which at dawn will serve a "MOONLIGHT COCKTAIL" to the Nips in the form of a shower of thousand pound bombs and .50 caliber bullets. The flight crews will probably be saying to the Japs: "SO SORRY DEAR", but "IT'S JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS".

- - - - - - - -

Fresh Water Consumption: 17.4 gals. per man --

(Signed) W. F. BOONE
Commander, U.S. Navy,
Executive Officer.

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