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USS Enterprise CV-6
The Most Decorated Ship of the Second World War

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Enterprise Association Patch
Enterprise Association Patch, courtesy of Lee Field.
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"The veterans of USS Enterprise CV-6 are humbly proud of her gallant record. Many have indicated that this record was made possible by the great support she received not only from her ship's company and air groups, but also from the many ships that sailed with her in various engagements and missions."
- USS Enterprise CV-6 Association
"The CV6.ORG web site is deeply indebted to the USS Enterprise CV-6 Association, who have generously provided papers, images, and other materials, contributing greatly to the content of this site. This site would not be possible without the Association's support."
- Joel Shepherd, CV6.ORG Webmaster

The USS Enterprise CV-6 Association was formed and chartered in Chicago, Illinois, in 1954 by a few veterans of service in the Big E in World War II. The Association By-Laws provide for election of new Officers at the National Reunions held every two years.

Membership in the Association is $25.00 for two years, or $100 for a Life Membership. All officers and men who served in Enterprise, ship's company or air group squadrons are issued Regular Memberships, their immediate families Associate Memberships, and all others Affiliate Memberships. All members who maintain their membership on a current basis are mailed the CV-6 Association Bulletin, issued twice a year.

Our Association has sponsored, funded, and dedicated five major museum exhibits to commemorate the gallant history of USS Enterprise CV-6 and her air groups. These exhibits are located as follows:

After membership is attained, a directory of the Association's members is available from the Association, as well as other Enterprise memorabilia, artifacts and information.

For additional membership information, please contact:

Pauline Klopfenstein
127 Lake Street
Walkerton, IN 46574

Upcoming Reunions

The USS Enterprise CV-6 Association no longer holds annual National Reunions. However, Regional Reunions may continue and all information regarding these will be listed in the Association's biannual newsletter, the CV-6 Association Bulletin, which is mailed to each current member. For immediate information, you may contact Grace Hay Neie, CV-6 Association Secretary and Bulletin editor at 210-655-3520 or email egneie@aol.com .

Current Elected Association Officers

Current Appointed Association Officers

Ship's Store

Grace Neie -daughter of former Association President Bill Hay - and her husband Elvis operate the Enterprise Association's "Ship's Store". The store carries ballcaps, golf shirts and t-shirts with Enterprise logos, as well as art prints and the Enterprise Association Cookbook.

Order forms are printed in the Association Bulletin, which is mailed twice a year to all Association members, or you can contact Grace and Elvis directly at:

Grace and Elvis Neie (email: egneie 'at' aol.com)
5011 Round Table
San Antonio, Texas 78218

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