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Operations Manual Chapter 20 - Embarkation of Squadrons

Operations Manual provided courtesy of CDR Art Burke (U.S.N. Ret).

  1. General
    1. The military effectiveness of this ship depends almost entirely on her aircraft squadrons. Every effort shall be made to fit the squadrons smoothly and efficiently into the organization of the ship. The necessity of conducting much of the training of squadrons at bases ashore emphasizes the need for utilizing their time on board ship to the utmost advantage. An efficient manner of embarking the squadrons is not only of greatest military importance but also contributes in large measure to the morale of the personnel who man and serve the principal weapon of this ship.
  2. Detailed Duties of the Air Officer
    1. Furnish the Air Group Commander with a list of available staterooms, prior to the embarkation of Squadrons.
    2. Upon receipt of the room assignment from the Air Group Commander, furnish copies of this assignment to the Executive Officer, First Lieutenant, Communication Officer and the Wardroom Mess Treasurer.
    3. Notify the Air Group Commander regarding:
      1. Berthing and messing assignments for each squadron. All ratings below Chief Petty Officer will be required to bring aboard matresses, mattress covers, blankets and, if desired, sheets.
      2. The number and ratings required for each special detail.
      3. The duties and watches which will be required of each squadron, both officers and enlisted men.
      4. The assignment of squadron store rooms.
      5. The assignment of overcoat lockers and bucket stowage.
      6. When and how gear, spare parts and personnel are to embark, if the ship has made the arrangements. This information will also be furnished the Executive Officer, First Lieutenant and Supply Officer. The Air Group Commander may be requested to make the detailed arrangements for embarkation, or Commander Aircraft may issue an embarkation order when several carriers are embarking at the same time.
    4. Furnish the Wardroom Mess Treasurer with a list of mess attendants embarking with the squadrons.
    5. Notify the Air Group Commander of the time and rendezvous for flying aboard.
    6. Arrange for plane guard Destroyers, their rendezvous and radio frequency assignments.
    7. Arrange for Air Department and Squadron working parties to unload baggage, spares and stores, reporting when all gear is properly stowed to the Executive Officer.
    8. See that lighters and boats are provided for the transportation of squadron non-flying personnel and baggage.
  3. Detailed Duties of the Air Group Commander
    1. Submit lists for each squadron showing the name and rank of each officer, indicating whether he will fly aboard, or embark by other means.
    2. Submit list for each Squadron of all enlisted personnel, arranged alphabetically and summarized by rating at the bottom of the page. A notation will be made showing by what means they will embark.
    3. Submit the room assignment of each officer from the availability list furnished previously by the Air Officer.
    4. Submit list of approximate amount of spare parts, gear and personal baggage to be embarked.
    5. Submit lists indicating by names and rates the men assigned to special details such as plane captains, gasoline details, plane handling crews, etc.
    6. Submit Squadron Organizations showing the numbers and types of airplanes, pilots available, the amount of fuel each plane is to carry at takeoff, radio frequencies, etc.
    7. Guard the base radio station if required.

      NOTE: The above lists shall be submitted with at least six copies from each squadron, and as far in advance of embarkation as practicable.

  4. Detailed Duties of the First Lieutenant
    1. Upon receipt of the stateroom assignment from the Air Group Commander, issue a memorandum, approved by the Executive Officer, showing the names, Squadron to which attached, room number, and telephone number of each officer embarked.
    2. Receive and tend lighters while alongside.
    3. Post officers stateroom cards.
  5. Detailed Duties of the Communication Officer
    1. Print Officers stateroom cards and deliver them to the First Lieutenant.
    2. Print and distribute an addendum to the telephone directory.
  6. Detailed Duties of the Wardroom Mess Treasurer
    1. Prepare and post the seating arrangement.
    2. Prepare and post the room boy assignments.
  7. The following instructions with reference to the Squadron enlisted personnel shall be followed:
    1. All chief petty officers berth and mess in the chief petty officer's quarters.
    2. All mess attendants berth with mess attendants of the "S" division.
    3. Enlisted personnel mess in accordance with the Messing Bill.
    4. Enlisted personnel berth in spaces assigned in Berthing and Locker Bill.
    5. Squadrons provide their own general and chief petty officer messmen, and other special details, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 6, Ship's Organization.
  8. Prior to debarkation the Air Group Commander shall assure that all compartments, storerooms, officer's staterooms and all other spaces used by squadron personnel are in ship-shape condition. If necessary to accomplish this adequate working parties of squadron men will be left on board temporarily. Where practicable, prior to leaving the ship, all squadron spaces shall be inspected jointly by officers representing the squadrons and the ship.

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