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Operations Manual Chapter 19 - Pay Bill

Operations Manual provided courtesy of CDR Art Burke (U.S.N. Ret).

  1. Chief Petty Officers and the Marine Detachment will normally be paid on the 15th and last day of each month. All other enlisted men will normally be paid on the 5th and 20th of each month.
  2. Pay stations will be provided as weather and other conditions dictate and will be shown in the Plan of the Day.
  3. The crew will assemble at the pay stations, at times prescribed in the Plan of the Day, in pay grade order and in order of pay numbers within each pay grade.
  4. Men unavoidably absent from pay day formation may draw money later in the day at a station and time designated. Men absent from both pay periods may draw money at the Disbursing Office at 0800 the following working day.
  5. The Disbursing Officer will report the conclusion of pay day to the Officer of the Deck.
  6. Division officers will instruct their men concerning the danger of losing pay receipts. Pay receipts should be handled with the same care as a check made out for cash. It is possible for an unauthorized person to obtain money on both. In order to avoid this possibility enlisted personnel will be instructed to observe the following:
    1. Fill out pay receipts correctly.
    2. Never leave a signed pay receipt laying around.
    3. Report the loss of a pay receipt immediately.

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