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Operations Manual Chapter 18 - Provisioning Bill

Operations Manual provided courtesy of CDR Art Burke (U.S.N. Ret).

  1. General
    1. The provisioning bill prescribes the manner of employing personnel in the handling of large quantities of provisions and stores. Small deliveries will be handled by men of the working divisions in accordance with the instructions contained in Chapter 5, "Watch and Duty Bill."
    2. The number and duties of personnel required in each instance will be determined by the quantity of provisions and stores to be taken aboard, the logistic order, and the availability of personnel and boats. Having this information the First Lieutenant, with the assistance of the Supply Officer will prepare a Provisioning Memorandum for the Executive Officer's approval listing the personnel required and the duties of specific officers and groups of men.
  2. The Provisioning Memorandum will normally provide for:
    1. Loading Party. The loading party will work in the holds of the supply ship or in the warehouse ashore, breaking out the stores and delivering them to the transporting party in the boats, lighters, or trucks. One chief petty officer from the Air Department will be in charge of the loading party which will be composed of details from the V-1 and V-2 Divisions. Storekeepers, under the supervision of an officer of the Supply Department, will receipt for the stores.
    2. Transporting Party. The transporting party will receive and stow the stores in the boats, lighters, or trucks. This party will remain in the boats or other conveyance and by loading slings, cargo nets, etc., will assist in delivering the stores to the receiving party. One chief petty officer or boatswain's mate first class from the "R" Division will be in charge of each boat or unit, with details from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Divisions, in addition to the regularly assigned crew of the boat. The transporting party will rig the conveyance, and provide the necessary gear before leaving the ship.
    3. Receiving Party. The receiving party will remain on board ship, receive the stores from the transporting party and deliver them below to the stowing party. The Construction Department chief boatswain will be in charge, with details from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Divisions to man the cranes, lifts, and whips, and details from the V-1, V-2 and "K" Divisions to deliver the stores to the stowing party. Storekeepers, under the supervision of an officer of the Supply Department, will verify the record of the stores received and assign stowage space.
    4. Stowing Party. The stowing party will place the stores in storerooms. An assistant to the First Lieutenant will be in charge. A chief petty officer with details from the Engineering Department will handle the stores between decks, and the chief storekeeper assisted by the machinist's mate in charge of the ice machines with details from the 4th Division and the Engineering Department will stow. An officer of the Supply Department with storekeepers and commissary men will direct stowage.
    5. Uniform. The uniform prescribed for the men working in refrigeration spaces and for men handling rough packing crates will be suitable for this type of work.
    6. Squadron Details. When the squadrons are on board the above details will be reduced by proportional aid furnished by the squadrons.
  3. Equipage. Equipage for handling commissary or general stores, consisting of cargo nets, cargo whips, straps, salmon boards, etc., is stowed habitually in an overhead pocket on the main deck, port side frame 169-173.

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