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Memorandum for Supervisors - 28 November 1941 (Read More...)

November 28, 1941.
Subject: Current information.
    1. Readiness:
      1. Normal Condition of Readiness of the Air Department is Flight Quarters or Condition III.
      2. 4 VF planes in Condition II daylight to sunset.
        1 VB plane in Condition II with 2 depth charges loaded.
      3. All VF, VB, VS, and VT planes on board are loaded to capacity with free and fixed gun ammunition.
      4. Bombs are in ready condition in the magazines.
      5. Torpedoes with war heads in ready condition in torpedo storage.
      6. Every plane leaving the ship will carry 3 message droppers.
      7. Plane sighting submarine will:
        1. Zoom it.
        2. Drop float light
        3. Open fire with machine guns
        4. Report position by radio ONLY in case it is evident no surface vessel's attention has been attracted.
    1. Readiness: - Fire Control is in Condition of Readiness III, with ready ammunition at the guns as follows:

      50 rounds per 5" gun
      20 clips - 160 rounds per barrel - 1.1" guns.
      1000 rounds per barrel .50 caliber machine guns.
  3. RADIO:
    1. Ship and aircraft will observe strict radio silence except for contacts. Merchantmen will be reported by aircraft message drops.
    2. A watch-in-3, Officer Watch, is being maintained in Radar Plot and the Radar instrument being continuously manned and operated, at prescribed intervals, day and night.
    1. Condition of Readiness III.
    2. At least once each watch all lookouts will be inspected to ascertain that men are familiar with sectors to be covered and clearly understand that they will not abandon search of their own sector when contacts have been reported in another sector.
    3. Control Officers will have their attention brought to the necessity of ascertaining that all battery officers understand their assigned sectors and are familiar with the location of own ships within those sectors.
    4. The Officer of the Deck will maintain current familiarity with challenge and recognition signals and require necessary changes to be made at times specified.
    5. The Supervisor, Officer of the Deck and Junior Officer of the Deck will keep themselves currently informed of the disposition and the location of ships therein.
    1. All floating objects whose character is in anyway uncertain should be avoided. Mines may be secured to dummy periscopes, water-logged boats, or to wreckage or to other objects or they may be tethered in pairs to floating objects.
(Signed) T. P. JETER
Commander, U.S. Navy,
Executive Officer.
CC: OOD Order Book
All Officers

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