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USS Enterprise CV-6
The Most Decorated Ship of the Second World War

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Enterprise Air Group Action Reports
December 1941 - August 1942

Enterprise Air Group flew and fought in most of the critical engagements in the first months of the Pacific War, including Pearl Harbor, the early Central Pacific raids, Midway and the opening of the Guadalcanal campaign. With the other early-war air groups, Enterprise Air Group tangled with Japan's best naval aviators, and suffered high losses as a consequence: Torpedo Six and Scouting Six were particularly hard hit.

But Enterprise Air Group hit back, sinking the first Japanese combatant just days after Pearl Harbor, sinking - with Yorktown Air Group - four enemy carriers on a single day at Midway, destroying numerous enemy ground installations and small craft, and contributing greatly to the ultimately decisive attrition of Japanese airmen in the war's first year.

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