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Battle Order Number Two - 28 November 1941 (Read More...)

CV6/A16-3(11-Kz)At Sea,
November 28, 1941.
Subject: Supervisor - Instructions for.
  1. The Supervisor of the Watch will see that the following provisions for action against hostile craft are carried out whenever conditions warrant:
    1. Current developments have changed the "challenging" situation to some extent, in that we are now on a war basis and must be ready to open fire without hesitation should suspicious contacts be made.
    2. Carrier doctrine - for exercise or for war - still requires use of evasive tactics in all cases of possible hostile contact. ENTERPRISE must not disclose its presence by challenging or opening fire unless we are obviously being sighted or will soon be sighted. Fire emergency identification signal if ENTERPRISE comes under fire or appears in danger of being fired upon and immediately thereafter open fire if the correct answer to challenge is not properly made.
    3. If a submarine is encountered at close range immediately turn toward or away, depending on whether she is forward or aft of the beam. Open fire, and if turning toward, attempt to ram the submarine, unless she makes the proper recognition signal. In that case give submarine as wide a berth as possible and have plane guard check on identity.
    4. At night, if the plane guard fails to challenge when a contact with any unknown vessel, other than a submarine, is made, ENTERPRISE shall challenge immediately and open fire without delay, unless proper identification is made by the stranger.
  2. Until the return of ENTERPRISE to port, the Supervisor, as direct representative of the Captain, will consider all submarine contacts to be hostile vessels and will take immediate necessary action to avoid attack and will order fire to be opened when deemed necessary, without waiting for the Captain's arrival on the bridge.
  3. Fire against aircraft, or vessels other than submarines, will not be opened without reference to the Captain, except when it is evident that an actual attack on ENTERPRISE is being made.
(Signed) G. D. MURRAY
Captain, U.S. Navy,
APPROVED, November 28, 1941.
(Signed) W. F. Halsey
Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy,
Commander Aircraft, Battle Force.

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