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Battle Order Number One - 28 November 1941 (Read More...)

CV6/A16-3(10-llt)At Sea,
November 28, 1941.
  1. The ENTERPRISE is now operating under war conditions.
  2. At any time, day or night, we must be ready for instant action.
  3. Hostile submarines may be encountered.
  4. The importance of every officer and man being specially alert and vigilant while on watch at his battle station must be fully realized by all hands.
  5. The failure of one man to carry out his assigned task promptly, particularly the lookouts, those manning the batteries, and all those on watch on the deck, might result in great loss of life and even loss of the ship.
  6. The Captain is confident all hands will prove equal to any emergency that may develop.
  7. It is part of the tradition of our Navy that, when put to the test, all hands keep cool, keep their heads, and FIGHT.
  8. Steady nerves and stout hearts are needed now.
(Signed) G. D. MURRAY
Captain, U.S. Navy,
APPROVED, November 28, 1941.
(Signed) W. F. Halsey
Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy,
Commander Aircraft, Battle Force.

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